Ajeet Yadav

Certified COC from Impact in July 2016. Has been associated with US health care since 2013. Joined BluOne /HOM in 2017. Started as an individual contributor and has grown to a manager position in the last four years, now taking care of over 90 team members.

Ajeet is very efficient and manages his team well to meet client requirements and expectations. A strong sense of ownership drives him to stretch and perform without any issues. As a manager, he is able to identify the individual strengths of his team members and can assign work and roles accordingly.

At an individual level, Ajeet has good process understanding and is always willing to learn and grow.

During the COVID lockdown and post-COVID, Ajeet successfully executed all project requirements – working with a combination of remote and in-office team members.

It’s great to have Ajeet as part of the BluOne/HOM family.

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