Rajasekhar Damera

Rajasekhar joined BluOne/HOM in 2018 and has over 10 years of experience in US healthcare specifically in Claims and Adjudication. Rajasekhar leads a team of 10 people in HOM who work very closely with the client. Rajasekhar has a very well-rounded understanding of his process and has been able to impart the same to his team. Rajasekhar manages his team very effectively with minimum escalations.

Rajasekar’s understanding of the claims process is so good that at times clients defer to him for explanations and clarifications. In the past year, Rajasekhar has worked very closely with Mirra India Team on the UAT of the Claims Adjudication software and has become a key member of that team.

In the last quarter, Rajasekhar and his team have been working on the Ultimate project and have been managing it quite well.

It’s great to have Rajasekhar as part of the BluOne/HOM family.

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