Shantanu Mukherjee

Shantanu joined us in 2018 in the referrals team. Shantanu came from a different industry with no knowledge or background in US health care. However, Shantanu was able to understand the referrals domain very quickly and was able to execute the same in a very short span of time. Over time, as the scope for the team increased, Shantanu was able to adapt and learn all the processes and was able to assist his teammates in understanding these processes.

Considering his ability to learn quickly and also interact with the team and the client effectively, Shantanu became a team lead in a very short period.

The referrals team is now working two shifts – one in the day and one in the night. For a long time, especially during the COVID lockdown, Shantanu managed both teams very effectively. In the last quarter, the referrals team has improved its efficiency and productivity and Shantanu helped in achieving the same.

It’s great to have Shantanu as part of the BluOne/HOM family.

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